News & Events 2018

End of Year Mass 2018

Thank you to all who joined us on Wednesday, 12 December for our End of Year Mass which was celebrated by Fr Jude and Fr Ivan. Congratulations to Gillien Espinosa on being awarded the Joseph De Piro award by Fr Ivan. Also congratulations to Catherine Majak on receiving the Julia Gillard Award. Congratulations to the Year 5 students who were announced as our 2019 school leaders (please see list in this newsletter). Thanks to Beth for her preparation of the Mass and to Fr Ivan and Fr Jude for celebrating.

St James the Apostle Parish Christmas Programme

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

2nd Rite of Reconciliation    Thurs 20 Dec at 7:00pm

1st Rite of Reconciliation     Sat 22 Dec at 9:30am-11:30am

Christmas Eve – Mon 24 Dec:

6:00pm       Carols in the Paulist Centre

6:30pm       Vigil Mass (Family Mass) in the Paulist Centre

9:00pm       Mass (some carols pre-liturgy) in the Church

11:30pm   Carols in the Church

12:00am   Midnight Mass in the Church

Christmas Day – Tues 25 Dec

8:30am            Mass (some carols pre-liturgy) in the Paulist Centre

10:30am       Mass (some carols pre-liturgy) in the Paulist Centre

                     (No Evening Mass on this day)

New Years Eve – Mon 31 Dec

6:00pm            Mass (last for the year)

New Years Day – Tues 01 Jan

10:30am       Mass (first for the year)

Term 3 Learning Expo 2018

On Thursday, 20 September, we had our Learning Expo. The parents have attended showcases and celebrated the students learning across many different areas. Our FLI question ‘What is the science in cooking?’ has led to a very engaging unit for the students across all year levels. The students and staff have done really well with their design briefs and the presentation of their learning. Thank you to those parents and families who were able to join us in our celebration of learning. We hope you enjoyed speaking to the children about their projects and seeing what they have done.

School Camp 2018

The Senior student cohort and staff returned from their three day camp at Camp Weekaway in Benloch on the Wednesday, 5 September. They had a great time with a variety of activities completed at the campsite which included: canoeing, initiatives course, flying fox, laser tag and a maze course. We finished off the camp with a picnic at Hanging Rock. The food throughout camp was very good with children able to go back for seconds. The Weekaway manager and staff were greatly impressed by how well-mannered and well behaved our students were and made special mention of this to us.They were a credit to their families and our school and it was a pleasure to be with them on camp.

Thank-you to our staff: Laura, Leisa, Alayne, Jeremy and Jane who also gave up their time to go on camp.
A special thanks to Alayne for her planning and coordination of the camp program.

Father's Day BBQ 2018

We had a great turnout for our Father's Day barbecue on Thursday, 30 August even though the weather was cold and inhospitable. Approximately 150 students, dads and significant family members attended and took the opportunity to enjoy free sausages and drinks whilst getting to know other St Clare's community members. A big thank-you to a number of our mums from the F&FA who cooked and served the sausages and onions in bread and to Chris, our Community Partnerships Leader, for planning and organising the event.

Sacrament of First Eucharist 2018
On Saturday 25 August, the St Clare's Community as part of the Parish of St James celebrated Our Year 4 students receiving First Eucharist. Congratulations to all who received Communion or supported their peers by receiving a blessing at this celebration. Father Jude celebrated this Sacrament with our community, and it was lovely to see so many extended family at the church to offer support and congratulations. Many thanks to the families and staff who supported students on their special day and continue to support them on their journey with Christ. Thanks to the Middles Team who helped develop students' understanding of the importance of this Sacrament and prepare students to receive this Sacrament.

Truganina District Athletics Competition 2018

Congratulations to our students who represented the school at the Truganina District Athletics Competition on Monday 20 August 2018. As usual our children competed with a sense of fairness, cooperation and support for other competitors. Again, as usual, our students were
extremely well behaved and were shining lights for our school. Congratulations to those students who were successful in progressing to the Wyndham Divisional level. Thank-you to Helena for organising and to the staff and parents who supported our athletics team.

Book Week Celebration 2018

Shiver me timbers, we had a treasure of a day here at St Clare’s celebrating Book Week on Thursday 16 August 2018. It was wonderful to see so many of our students and staff dress up to the theme ‘Find your own treasure.’ The staff all dressed up as pirates; thankfully they were all well behaved and none were required to walk the plank! It was great to have so many pre-schoolers join us for the costume parade. We welcomed a number of new families who will be starting in prep next year. We had a great pre-school story time session after the parade. The students have been doing a number of activities across their homegroups and really enjoyed them.

St Clare's Feast Day 2018

On Friday 10 August 2018, we celebrated our St Clare’s Feast Day with great success. We had approximately 90
parents, family members and St James parishioners join staff and students for Mass  and share in morning tea afterwards. Many thanks to the families, parishioners, students and staff for their wonderful support of our Feast Day celebrations.  As always, Fr Jude celebrated a wonderful Mass and helped us all have a little more insight into the wonderful way that St Clare shone the light of Christ for all to see.

It was wonderful to welcome students from St James the Apostle Primary School and St Francis of Assisi Primary. It was also fantastic to welcome back some past students who now attend Thomas Carr College. Many thanks to the Wee Kitchen for providing a sumptuous feast to celebrate the life of St Clare. Many thanks to the Family and Friends Association who provided the students with a special treat of fairy floss so they could join in on the ‘feast’ of St Clare’s.

Crazy Day Fundraiser 2018

On Thursday 9 August 2018, we had our Crazy Day Fundraiser. Students were asked to bring a gold coin donation to raise funds for the St James Parish Fete. It was also great to see the children coming to school looking crazy!Many thanks to the families, parishioners, students and staff for their wonderful support of our Feast Day celebrations last Friday. We had 90 parents, parishioners and community members celebrate Mass with us on Friday and share in morning tea afterwards. As always, Fr Jude celebrated a wonderful Mass and helped us all have a little more insight into the wonderful way that St Clare shone the light of Christ for all to see. It was wonderful to welcome students from St James the Apostle Primary School and St Francis of Assisi Primary. It was also fantastic to welcome back some past students who now attend Thomas Carr College. Many thanks to the Wee Kitchen for providing a sumptuous feast to celebrate the life of St Clare. Many thanks to the Family and Friends Association who provided the students with a special treat of fairy floss so they could join in on the ‘feast’ of St Clare
Chemistry Chaos Incursion 2018

On Friday 3 August 2018, Lisa from MAD ABOUT SCIENCE came in and taught us all about chemical reactions.We learnt about polymers. We added orbeez to water and learnt that the orbee sucks up the water and it expands because the polymer bond separates a little. We used "Cabbage Powder" and we mixed it with water and the colour changed to purple. I learnt that when a chemical reacts with cabbage water it changes colour and each colour defines the liquid substance and each colour represents if it's a base, neutral or acid. If the liquid is blue it's a base, if it's purple it's neutral and if it's pink it is a acid. We added the cabbage water to many different liquids such as: lemon juice, disinfectant, vinegar, baking soda​ and a combinations of baking soda and vinegar. We received a sandwich bag and added vinegar and baking soda and then we closed

the bag and the bag started expanding and it almost popped. When we felt our bag the temperature had changed and the bag felt very cold. Some other groups had popped their bags. We also learnt that some substances can slow down the reaction such as when you add detergent to baking soda and vinegar it slows down the reaction.

By Yazhini Karthik

Year 6

100 Days of Prep 2018

On Friday 3 August 2018, our Prep students celebrated their 100 days of Prep. It was great to have over 50 Prep parents join us for the celebration. We hope that those who were able to stay for morning tea enjoyed themselves and got to know some new faces.

Travelling Kitchen Incursion 2018

Grade 5 visit to Thomas Carr College 2018

On Thursday 19 July 2018, our Year 5 students visited Thomas Car College to see and experience many of the wonderful programs and facilities the College has to offer.  The children really enjoyed the opportunity to use microscopes in a Science lesson, use the kitchen classroom and design and create art pieces in the art studio to name a few.  Thank-you to the Staff of Thomas Carr College for providing such a stimulating and engaging day for our students.

Winter Division Netball 2018

On Wednesday 18 July 2018, our Mixed Netball team competed at Divisional level following their win at the Truganina Winter District Sport competition.  The children won their first two games and lost their last game by only 1 point after leading late in the match.  A win would have put them through to the Regional competition.  Great effort by the students to do so well.

School Disco 2018

On Friday 15 June 2018, we had our school disco. It        was an extremely successful and popular event organised and run by the Family and Friends Association. We had an early session for the Preps which was followed by Juniors with a final disco session for the Middles
and Seniors. It was great to have so many different parents helping out; this ensured that the children had a really great time. Thank-you to all those who helped out including parents, family members, staff and to our cool disc jockey, DJ Tyson.

Truganina District 
Winter Sport competition 2018

Congratulations to the children in Years 4 – 6 who competed in the Truganina District Winter Sports competition last Thursday. As usual our students gave us reason to be proud due to the way they competed and behaved in general. We also had a couple of very
good results. Our girls’ soccer team made it to the final. It was a very close game that went to penalties, unfortunately they lost after it went to golden goal. One of our boys' mixed netball teams went one better and won their final. As a result, they will represent our school and the district at divisional level.

Sacrament of Confirmation 2018

On Thursday 31 May 2018, our Year 6 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation which was conferred on them by Bishop Mark Edward OMI. It was a prayerful and spiritual celebration of the Sacrament. It was also great to see many of our non-Catholic families embrace our Catholic ethos by presenting their children for a blessing from Bishop Mark. Congratulations to the children and thank you to the sponsors, parents and families for
bringing them to this special moment in their faith journeys. Thank-you to Bishop Mark for conferring the Sacrament and to Fr Jude who concelebrated the Mass. Thank-you also to our school staff for their organisation and preparation especially Beth, our Religious Education Leader, and to our Senior cohort staff.

Hooptime 2018

On Thursday 31 May 2018, our Middle students participated in the Hooptime Basketball Victoria at Eagle Stadium in WerribeeA big thank-you to the staff and parents for assisting with court supervision on the day.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea 2018

It was wonderful to have so many mums, grandmothers and other special ladies in our students’ lives join us for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea on Friday, 11 May 2018.  It was great to see so many of our guests chatting and getting to know each other better.  A very special thank-you to the Cas & her family who donated the flowers from Cas’s Flowers as a present for the ladies to take home. I think everyone also enjoyed the delicious food provided by Barbara and her team at the Wee Kitchen.  Thank-you also to all our families and sponsors who donated the many prizes for our Mother’s Day raffle organised by the Families & Friends Association that was drawn at the afternoon tea.

Cross Country 2018

On Monday 30 April 2018, 38 of our Middle & Senior students participated in the Truganina District Cross Country Carnival at President’s Park in Werribee. In stark contrast to last year, the day was sunny and glorious. The 9 and 10 year olds ran a 2 kilometre race & the 11 and 12 year olds ran 3 kilometres. We ended up finishing 5th only one point below 4th place. Looks like all that training we did in Term one really paid off! A big thank-you to Alayne and Jeremy and also to parents Michelle and Angela for assisting with court supervision on the day.

Anzac Day 2018

Anzac Day was commemorated at St Clare's on Thursday, 26 April 2018. Our Middle students led the school in commemorating this solemn day at our prayer service.  
It was great to have Daryl Ryan representing the Returned and Service League (RSL) at our service where we planted our Gallipoli Oak seedling which we had received the previous week. We are one of 200 schools to receive the seedling in 2018. The seedlings have been grown from acorns harvested from trees grown from the original acorns that were sent back to Australia from Gallipoli during World War 1. Three of those original trees are still alive more than 100 years later. Students from each homegroup scattered poppy seeds around our seedling.

Athletic Day 2018

Our School Athletic sports Carnival held on Tuesday, 24 April was a great success. The weather was kind to us for the majority of the day, preparation and organisation was completed and students, parents and staff were excited and eager. The day ran very smoothly and was enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Helena for her wonderful planning and organising which made the carnival so successful. A big thank-you to the many parents who assisted in a variety of roles, we would not have been able to hold the carnival without your support.  Another big thanks to our own St Clare’s staff for their invaluable contributions and support. 

Bonnet Parade 2018

We had a wonderful Easter celebration to conclude Term One, 2018.  It was great to have so many from our school community join us for the occasion, enjoying each other's company as well as sharing the various delicious food treats on offer. A highlight of the evening was the Easter Bonnet Parade. Children from preschoolers through to Year 6 students enjoyed the opportunity to show off their fantastic creations.  Many thanks to our Families and Friends Association for organising a fantastic community event.

Sacramental Celebrations

Throughout the year students at St Clare’s prepare to receive the Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation. All Sacraments are completed within the Parish of St James the Apostle Parish, Hoppers Crossing North. Students prepare to receive the Sacrament at school.

Students receive the Sacraments in the following year levels:

Year 4: Reconciliation (preparation begins in Year 3)

Year 4: First Holy Communion

Year 6: Confirmation

2018 Sacramental Dates

Sacrament Of Penance Wednesday 21 March at 7pm

Sacrament Of Confirmation Thursday 31 May at 7pm

Sacrament Of First Eucharist Saturday 25 August at 10:30am

Camp 2017

Last year in August the Years 5 and 6 students in our Senior cohort went on camp. We stayed at Camp Oasis in Mt Evelyn for 3 days / 2 nights. The children and teachers enjoyed a variety of activities at the camp including: flying fox, reptile house, crate climb, candle making, low ropes course and initiative activities. The food was great and the students had a wonderful time. It was rewarding to receive such positive feedback from the camp staff on how well behaved and co-operative the Clare's students were on camp.

Learning Expo 2017

At the end of Term Two we presented a learning expo that showcased the students’ learning throughout the Faith life Inquiry units and other key learning areas during the term. Parents and other members of the wider St Clare’s community joined us to celebrate the children’s achievements.

St Clare's Feast Day 

The 11th of August is the feast day of St Clare who is our school's patron saint.  We are grateful that Bishop Vincent  Nguyen, our regional bishop, was able to join us on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 to celebrate Mass with Fr Jude on our first St Clare’s Feast Day as a school.  Bishop Vincent enjoyed his first visit to St Clare’s and was welcomed by students, families, school staff and St James parishioners who joined the celebration of Mass.  

It was wonderful to have some parent volunteers supporting the students and staff during the Mass.  We were once again blessed with the support of our parish schools: Thomas Carr College, St James the Apostle and St Francis of Assisi.

Easter Barbecue and Bonnet Parade 2017

Wow, what a night we had with our Easter Barbecue!  It was great to see so many families and friends at our evening enjoying a wonderful time together as part of St Clare’s School community.  Many thanks to our terrific Families and Friends Association who organised and ran such a successful night for us to enjoy. The barbecue, drinks, Easter Bonnet Parade, Easter raffle, guess the number of eggs competition and hot cross buns ran so smoothly due to the tireless work of our F&FA volunteers. Thank-you to Matthew for performing the MC duties.  Of course a big mention and thank-you to Angela and Brian for donating their fairy floss stall and all the ingredients and making loads of fairy floss sticks.  It was a very popular part of the evening, including with a certain principal!  Many thanks to all the families who made donations for the evening.

Athletic Day 2017

Book Week 2017

Parent's Morning Tea