News & Events 2019

St James the Apostle Christmas Program 2019


Thurs 19 Dec at 7:00 pm 2nd Rite

Mon 23 Dec at 7:00 pm-8:30 pm 1st Rite

Christmas Eve – Tues Dec 24:

6:00 pm       Carols with Mass at 6:30 pm in Paulist Centre

9:00 pm       Vigil Mass in Church

11:30 pm   Carols & Midnight Mass in the Church

Christmas Day – Wed Dec 25

8:30 am and 10:30 am Mass in Paulist Centre

(No evening Mass on Christmas Day)


New Year's Eve – Tues Dec 31

6:00 pm            Mass

New Year's Day – Wed Jan 1

10:30 am       Mass

Term 3 Expo 2019

On Monday 17 September 2019, we had our Term 3 Expo. Our Science focus came to its conclusion with a successful Expo this week. Students eagerly shared their learning with family and friends and we were so happy to welcome all into our learning areas. This unit of work challenged students to think critically and creatively as they sought to problem solve and create innovative answers to our question, ‘What is energy?’.

Book Week Parade 2019

Our Book Week celebrations were a great success on Friday 6 September 2019. Many thanks to all the students and teachers who showed off their amazing costumes at our parade. It was made even better by the addition of toddlers and parents who also dressed up and joined in with our community. The Pre-school Story Time that followed the parade was extremely well attended and our little people joined in with the story, sang some songs and created artworks with the parents. We really appreciate the time given to this important event which is a terrific demonstration of the spirit of St Clare’s.

Camp 2019

On Wednesday 28 August 2019, our senior cohort of students returned from three activity filled days at Camp Oasis in Mt Evelyn. A great time was had by students and teachers alike. We look forward to hearing more about this special time away once everyone has a chance to unpack, rest up and settle back into normal life.

Truganina District Athletics 2019

On Thursday 23 August 2019, our students represented the school at the Truganina District Athletics Competition. As usual, our children competed with a sense of fairness, cooperation and support for other competitors. Our students were extremely well behaved and were shining lights for our school. Congratulations to those students who were successful in progressing to the Wyndham Divisional level. Thank-you to Stephanie for organising our participation and to the staff and parents who supported our athletics team.

Sacrament of First Eucharist 2019

On Saturday 17 August 2019, we had wonderful First Eucharist celebrations at our St James Parish Church. A very big congratulations to our students and to our families as the first educators in faith for bringing them to this important milestone in their faith journey. Thank-you to Fr Jude, our Parish Priest, Celebrating with Harmony musicians, Beth our Religious Education Leader, and St Clare’s staff for the support and preparation of the

St Clare's Feast Day 2019

On Friday 9 August 2019, we celebrated St Clare’s Feast Day. It was wonderful to have so many of our parents, families and St James parishioners join us for a joyful Mass. Fr Jude was very impressed by the children’s participation and singing. It was great to have students and staff from our parish schools St James Primary School, St Francis Primary School and Thomas Carr College in attendance. It was great to see our special friend Jan Keogh who was such a great support in the establishment of our school when she was principal of St Francis. Many of our guests joined us after Mass for a lovely morning tea.

The students completed a number of activities throughout the day. The children were most appreciative for the donuts supplied by the Families and Friends Association. Thank you to Beth Walsh, our Religious Education Leader, for her planning and organisation of Mass and the feast day activities.

Term 2 Whole School Learning Expo 2019

It has been another great term of learning at St Clare’s. The Learning Expo that parents attended on the Thursday 27 June 2019 showcased and celebrated the students learning across many different areas. Our FLI question ‘How do people tell their stories?’ led to a very engaging unit for the students across all year levels. Thank you to the parents and families who were able to join us in our celebration of learning. We hope you enjoyed the presentations in the hall and speaking to the children in the learning areas about their projects and seeing what they have worked on and completed during this term.

Winter District Sports

Joseph De Piro Orchestra

Prep Cohort Mass 2019

On Friday 14 June 2019, we celebrated our Prep Community and Cohort Mass in our hall. All members of the St Clare’s community were welcomed to join students, staff, parents and St James Parishioners as Fr Jude celebrated Mass with us. Morning tea was followed after Mass.

Sacrament of Confirmation 2019

Congratulations to all the students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday 30 May 2019. Well Done to the students who supported their peers by receiving a blessing. Many of our students reflected on how they feel more a part of the community and that the Holy Spirit was with them throughout the celebration of the Sacrament. The Mass was a lovely celebration and Bishop Mark was most complimentary of the reverence throughout the liturgy.

Many thanks to Celebrating with Harmony, our altar servers Natasha and Job, and the Parish Team who decorated the Paulist Centre and helped set up prior to Mass. We wish all our students all the best as they continue their journey of faith.

Middles Cohort Mass 2019

On Friday 24 April 2019, we had a prayerful and joyful Mass organised by the Middle Level Cohort. It was wonderful to have so many parents, families and St James Parishioners join us for the Mass celebrated by Fr Jude and for the yummy morning tea that followed.
Fr Jude took the opportunity to visit the learning spaces and say hello to the students and staff. He was warmly welcomed by all who were very happy that he visited the spaces.

Whole School Athletics Carnival 2019

On Tuesday 30 April 2019, we had our School Athletics Carnival. The Carnival was held at St Clare’s for the
first time and the day ran very smoothly and was enjoyed by all. Thank you to the parents who helped out on the day as it would be very challenging to run an event like this without parent assistance. Thank you also to our wonderful students who were extremely well behaved as usual. The children’s positive support of each other was great. Thank you to our staff who also were so positive and supportive of their groups.

A very big thank you and well done to Stephanie Schuyler who put a tremendous amount of time into planning and organising the day, especially as she had to change the venue to our school at a very late stage. It was a fantastic success! Congratulations to Blue which was the winning team.

Cross Country 2019

On Monday 29 April 2019, we had a number of children competing in the District Cross Country competition.
Congratulations to Nyirou, Ashai, Mary-Rose and
Angeth who qualified for the Divisional Cross Country Competition. Special congratulations to Anina who came first in her age group and to Cameron who came second in his age group. Anina and Cameron also qualified for the Divisionals. Thanks to Alayne and Stephanie for supervising the children and to parent Michelle for assisting our staff.

Holy Week and Easter Calendar 2019 at St James the Apostle Church,
336 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing North.

Sacrament of Penance 2019

Congratulations to our students who received the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation)
on Wednesday 27 March 2019 for the first time. The liturgies were very prayerful and it was great to have the students and their families supporting them along with many of our school staff. It was great to have a number of our non-Catholic families in attendance, embracing our school’s Catholic ethos, as their children received a blessing from one of the priests.

Thank you to Fr Jude, Fr Vincent and Fr Pius for giving their time to celebrate the Sacrament with us. Also thank you to Beth, our Religious Education Leader, for the organisation and preparation of the Sacrament of Penance. Thank-you as well to the Middle staff: Sam, Alana, Jeremy, Tim, Annie, Meaghan and Caitlin for their work preparing the students and to all our staff who supported the children.

Truganina District Summer Sports 2019

We had a successful day at the Truganina District Summer Sports on Monday 25 March 2019. As usual we were very proud of the way our students competed. They are a credit to their families and school. Many thanks to Stephanie for organising our school’s participation and for the very efficient and effective coordinating of the basketball competition. Thank you also to the parents Kylie, Michelle and Rob who coached teams along with our staff Al, Alayne, Andrea Annie, Clair, Laura and Tye.

Congratulations to our girls’ tee ball team who won their competition and now progress to the division championships.

Grade 5 visit to Thomas Carr College 2019

On Tuesday 19 March 2019, the Grade 5 Students visited Thomas Carr College for a day. The students took part in Art classes, Science classes, LOTE (Language Other Than English) classes and Food Technology classes.

Catholic Education Week 2019

Ash Wednesday 2019

On Wednesday 6 March, it was wonderful to have so many St Clare’s parents and families, along with St James Parishioners, join the students and staff for our Ash Wednesday Mass celebrated by FrJude. There were nearly 100 seats put out and they were nearly all occupied. As we have grown in numbers, our school hall has filled up!

Year 2 Cohort Mass 2019

On Friday 22 February, the Year 2 Cohort planned and organised our first year level Mass for 2019. It was great that we had about 20 parents and family members join us for Mass celebrated by Fr Jude, our St James Parish Priest and the morning tea that followed.

Opening School Mass & Burning of the Ashes 2019

On Friday 8 February, we celebrated our Opening School Mass for the 2019 School Year. It was wonderful to have so many parents and St James Parishioners join us for Mass celebrated by Fr Jude. We could really see, with all our students in attendance, how much we have grown in the last few years. Fr Jude reminded us in his homily that like our patron St Clare, we carry the Light of Jesus in our hands for all to see.

First Day of School 2019

Welcome to the 2019 school year and a special welcome to our new families at St Clare’s. The children had many exciting stories to share and we were very pleased to see them all back safely. The students settled in very quickly including our new Preps who have begun their school journey. It was great to have many parents, grandparents, family members and friends join us in the Hall for morning tea on the first day of school the Friday, 1 February 2019.