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News & Events 

2023 Colour Explosion

2023 St Clare's Feast Day

2023 Father's Day Afternoon

2023 Mother's Day Stall and Afternoon

On Friday 12 May, the Mothers’ Day celebrations were a great success and many thanks go out to our staff and leaders for putting together such a wonderful event where our mothers and other important carers were embraced in our learning areas. The vital role that mothers and carers play in the lives of our students can never be underestimated and I want to personally thank you for the love and care you give to your children. Your positive influence enriches the St Clare’s family.

2023 Opening of Stage 3 Building

On Friday 31 March, we had our formal opening of our Stage 3 building. This ceremony was attended by the Honourable Tim Watts MP along with our architects, builders, Fr Jude and, of course, Andrew Leighton.
A plaque to mark the event is displayed outside the entry door. 

2023 Ash Wednesday Mass

On Wednesday 22 February, we marked Ash Wednesday with a beautiful mass led by Father Jude. In his homily, Father Jude reminded us about the importance of reaching out to others in our lives and how Lent serves as a time of reflection. Father Jude was particularly impressed by the reverence and beautiful singing by the students which enhanced our mass.

2023 Opening Mass & Burning of the Palms

On Wednesday 15 February, we celebrated our Opening of the School Year Mass with Father Silvio which was a great way to start our 2023 year. The students were amazing and our new preps joined us in a prayerful and impressive manner despite being so new to formal education. Thanks to all those who joined us. 

For all Religious Education news, Dan Kiernan, our R.E. leader, will keep you informed in all upcoming newsletters. Thanks Dan!

2023 Prep Orientation Slides