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On Tuesday 11 August 2020, we celebrated our St Clare's Feast Day. It was wonderful to have St James Parishioners join the St Clare’s school community in the Mass celebration. Many thanks to Fr Jude and Fr Silvio for celebrating Mass and thank you to the students and staff who contributed to Mass.

Very big congratulations and thank you to Beth, our Religious Education Leader, for her planning and organisation of the St Clare’s Feast Day Mass.

School Motto

“Your Light In Our Hands”

At St Clare’s we look to hold the light of Christ in our hands and continue his work in our world, as exemplified by the work of St Clare.

School Prayer

Loving God,

We give thanks for our unique and diverse community, brought together by your grace.

Illuminate the path so that we, like Saint Clare, can always follow the example of Christ.

Reflect in us your spirit of love, compassion and generosity.

May we continue to hold your light in our hands.


St Clare

‘Love God, Serve God, Everything is in that!’ ~St Clare

St Clare is from the town of Assisi in Italy. She was born in 1194 and died in 1253.

St Clare chose a religious life at the age of 18 after being inspired by St Francis to live a life following and serving Christ.

St Clare lived at San Damiano Church. The sisters rejected wordly good and didn’t accept money or possessions. They relied on the work of their hands for everything they needed.

San Damiano was a place of silence, prayer, penance, poverty and dedication to a strict religious life.

Throughout her life St Clare continued to help the poor and hungry and care for the sick, including St Francis.

St Clare was drawn into a deeper union with Christ through prayer and contemplation. Her mission was to pray and win souls for the Lord.

St Clare was an influential woman, with many Popes respecting her opinions and visiting her in San Damiano. She eventually was able to set up her own order of nuns which allowed her and her sisters to live their lives in service to God in the simplest way possible, a life of poverty, centered on Christ. In her lifetime, St Clare also inspired many to follow Christ and live a humble and simple life of Faith in service to God. There are over 153 monasteries of her order in over 76 countries around the world.

St Clare is the patron saint of sore eyes, eye disease, embroiderers, goldsmiths, laundry and needleworkers. She is also the patron saint of television and mobile phones.

We celebrate her Feast Day on August 11.

‘We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become’ ~St Clare

Celebrating Our Faith

There are many ways that the community of St Clare’s celebrates our Catholic Faith.

Connections to the Parish through the Sacramental program  
Whole school Masses
Cohort Masses
Paraliturgies to recognise and celebrate special events
Feast Day Celebrations
Daily opportunities for prayer, including Christian Meditation
Invitation to contribute expressions of Faith
Contributions to charities, e.g. Caritas, St Vincent De Paul Society and ministries connected to the Parish of St James the Apostle

Sacramental Program

All students in Year 3, 4, and 6 take part in the sacramental program of St James the Apostle Parish. All students participate in the Sacramental program, with students who are baptised Catholics receiving sacraments along with students from the other Catholic schools and the parish catechist program. Non-Catholic students are welcomed and invited to be a part of these celebrations.

Year 4: Reconciliation (preparation begins in Year 3)

Year 4: First Holy Communion

Year 6: Confirmation

Parish Connections

St Clare’s is a part of the St James the Apostle Parish of Hoppers Crossing North. We are the third Catholic Primary School in the Parish behind St James the Apostle Primary and St Francis of Assisi Primary Schools. Thomas Carr College is the parish Catholic Secondary College. We work with all schools and the Parish through the Sacramental program and other events throughout the year.

Mass Times at St James the Apostle Church

Weekend Masses:

Saturday: 6.00pm
Sunday: 8.30am & 10.30am
Sunday Evening: 5.00pm

Weekday Masses:

Tuesday - Saturday: 9.00am
1st Friday of the Month:
Mass: 7.30pm
Adoration: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Social Justice

St Clare's Catholic school seeks to support the needs of our local, national and global community.

We support a range of organisations such as Caritas and St Vincent de Paul. Students are encouraged and supported to take action on projects such as 'Solar Buddy' and 'Envision, Target 1,000,000'

Through our actions we seek to unite, serve and empower those in our community and shine the light of Christ for all to see.