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Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum

Learning in the area of Religious Education, both in the context of Faith Life Inquiry (F.L.I) and Stand Alone Religious Education, is based on Horizons of Hope, the new education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Religious Education curriculum content in both F.L.I and Stand Alone Religious Education is developed from the Renewed Framework for Religious Education, which builds student capacity in the following areas:

  • Scripture and Jesus

  • Church and Community

  • Prayer, Liturgy and Sacrament

  • God, Religion and Life

  • Morality and Justice

The Faith Life Inquiry (F.L.I.) approach to the learning allows students to contextualise the richness of the Catholic Tradition

within all curriculum areas. This approach allows students to take pause and recognise the glory of God in all of creation and within their own life experiences.

Students also deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith within Stand Alone Religious Education units of work. These units seek to explore in greater depth the teachings of the Catholic Church, including the rituals and rites of the Church.

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation was introduced to the St Clare's community in 2018. It gives our school an opportunity to be together as a community in silent prayer, linking to the charism of St Clare. Christian Meditation is practiced across the school at 8:55am. We invite all people in the school to join us in prayer at this time.

Christian Meditation is based on the teaching of John Main. This style of meditation is a silent prayer with a mantra. St Clare's uses the mantra 'maranatha' (Come Lord Jesus) to help eliminate distractions. Through our silent meditation we welcome God's transforming grace into our hearts

If you wish to learn more about Christian Meditation or St Clare's journey towards Christian Meditation as a whole school practice, please follow the link to MACS resource page, scrolling to the bottom of the page to see St Clare's contribution.