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Diverse Learning Needs

Students with Disabilities

Students with specific learning needs are welcomed and supported at St Clare’s. Students with specific needs are supported through Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) and Program Support Group (PSG) Meetings involving teachers, parents and students. Further support can be provided by Learning Support Officers and the Catholic Education Office as deemed necessary.

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Intervention Framework

The Intervention Framework (Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools) is used to identify how to meet the needs of individual students who require additional support to achieve learning goals.

Learning Support Officers

Learning Support Officers assist teachers in providing targeted teaching programs and supporting small groups of students within the learning environment. Learning Support Officers roles vary according to the needs of individual students and how their skills can be best utilised to support student learning and development.

Network of Support

St Clare’s is part of the Western Region of the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

We are supported by a team of visiting teachers, educational psychologists, speech therapists and other professionals to identify individual needs and to tailor programs to meet the needs of individuals with specific learning needs.

English as an Additional Language

Students and families who have English as an Additional Language are supported at St Clare’s with assistance given from the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. Translators can be made available for Parent/Teacher Chats as needed.